The Best Sites For Vector Art

Closeup of Http Address in Web Browser in Shades of Blue - Shallow Depth of Field
Closeup of Http Address in Web Browser in Shades of Blue – Shallow Depth of Field

Vector graphics are simply defined as “the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and shapes or polygons—all of which are based on mathematical expressions—to represent images in computer graphics.

Digging a little deeper, vector graphics are typically 2D graphic objects with specific drawing instructions. Vector art is best used for printing, as art is made from a series of mathematically-calculated designs. Vector graphics are the preferred image type for printed materials. Images stay crisp even when resized.

  1. iStockPhoto

Upon doing a Google search for stock vector art, iStockPhoto takes the cake at number one. Featuring an immense database that houses a wide array of art in a multitude of different categories, including icons, fashion, coffee, infographics, social media, world maps and silhouettes; iStockPhoto seems ideal for coffee houses, technology-based companies, fashion boutiques, weddings, and anyone that wants to send out a unique, eclectic, or abstract message.

  1. VectorStock 

The name says it all. Upon arrival to VectorStock, the impression of the website spews “ART!” If you are looking for a dynamic of unique borders, frames, and patterns, you’ve come to the right place. Also housing an impressive list of industry-based stock vectors, those in beauty and fashion; science, health and medical; technology, architecture and landscaping; and business and finance need not look any further. VectorStock also stores a great deal of stock vector images for holidays and monumental occasions.

  1. Shutterstock 

Often times while searching for images through Google, Shutterstock seems to be a dominant force in their web presence. Upon a click to their website, the reason why so many images are linked to Google is clear – there is abundance within this page. At a download allowance of 750 high res quality pictures each month, $149 isn’t such a bad price to bring your visual dreams to reality. Interestingly enough, if you’re wanting to run an empire, printing 500,000 items, they have a plan for that too

  1. Deposit Photos

With a rating of 4.8 out of five with over 670,000 votes, Deposit Photos is a surefire winner for stock vectors. Once you enter, it’s like entering a children’s playground – feelings of fun, and creativity. But the message definitely gets across. On the day that we entered, the page featured ice cream, air balloon tourism, magnetic and love hearts, and educational character banners (can you imagine music notes with faces dancing on the staff?). Deposit Photos is so grateful for their contributors that they even take the time to feature some of their artistic contributors

  1. GraphicStock 

Are you on a budget? Do you want to experiment before committing? Or maybe you want free stock vector images. You have come to the right place, my friend. GraphicStock has exactly what you are looking for. By signing up for an account on the right side of the page, you will enjoy a week of luxury… of FREE DOWNLOADS! GraphicStock hosts a wide database of icons, buttons, patterns, backgrounds, and textures. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find drop-down boxes to everything from people, to sports and the outdoors, to nature and wildlife.

  1. Vecteezy

Be easy on Vecteezy! Sounds catchy, doesn’t it? We thought so too! Vecteezy’s database for stock vectors couldn’t be any more simple! Entering the website displays a big yellow box, screaming, “what are you looking for?!” We typed in the word ‘dolphin’ and received 21 pages of sea life stock vector art. Vecteezy also shares links to iStockPhoto

  1. Veer

Veer offers ten free credits just for registering to their website. Stock vector image sizes range from 640 x 960 to 2560 x 1440. Veer is even cool enough that they honor iPhones and iPads. The latest image on the front page of Veer displayed the message, “Wake up and be awesome.” That’s pretty awesome… And images start at only 33 cents for a subscription to download up to 20 images a day.

  1. Big Stock Photo

Big Stock Photo offers a BIG front page with an upfront offer to get seven free days of images just by putting in your e-mail address. Once you finish that, you will be thrusted into a barrage of unique looking stock vectors of eclectic and abstract-ish art. Our favorite image, placed in the middle of the page is a lime green-lit honeycomb. The art categories here are plentiful –educational, business, editorial, architecture, food, people, nature, musical, health, transportation, sports, and many more. If you’re in need of assistance, there is a live chat button at the bottom left-hand corner.

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Secret of buying Stock Photos from Depositphotos

Depositphotos LogoRoyalty-free images are all the rage on the Internet. Whether you need the image for a brand new product or for your website, you need professional images that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Depositphotos is just one of many stock photo sites, but they have quite an extensive list of images. They were founded back in 2009, and they off everything from vector images to top notch quick videos. There is, however, a few things you could do to help maximise your time to find the right photos for your business or campaign. Use these tips to make the most out of the this stock agency.

The Secret of buying Stock Photos from Depositphotos

Depositphotos Website

– Use Search Thoroughly

Once you’re all setup, you can start searching for images. You should be able to type in anything that you are looking for. Of course, not every photographer knows how to best optimize their images, so it is best to click on the category. After heading to the right category, you should type in the keywords then. It makes the search for the images you want easier since you’re already in the right category.

– “Best Sales” option

When you click on the category, you always brought to the “best match” position. Instead, try clicking on the “best sales” position, and you’ll find images that have been bought the most times by others. This allows you to see what is popular and most successful online.

– Go For The Smallest Image

The reason for this is that it is much cheaper and more affordable. However, usually the smallest image is also good enough for providing you the perfect set of content for your blog post, website, or product. Getting the biggest images may only be needed for banner images of something similar.

– Four Options

You have about four different types of content you could search for when using this site. You have photos, vectors, editorial, and videos. Each have their own set of content to give you. There is only a slight difference between photos and editorial, and it is the fact that the editorial images are top notch in a different setting. If you can’t find the right photo in one category, check out the next one. The subscription gives you the opportunity to buy content from all categories and searching from millions opon millions of choices.

Depositphotos Review

Depositphotos Pricing Chart

– Top Notch Images From DP

One thing most people don’t know about the site is that their contributors are expected to give them high quality commercial value images. When browsing their marketplace of images, you will discover how all images are perfectly crafted. Something as small of a slight focus problem can have the image or video disapproved. Now you now that all images being used on this site are top of the line.

– Easy To Use

Once you’re all signed up, you can search for images in their search bar, and you begin downloading images. You need to add funds of course, but doing so is even easier. They give a wide array of options in terms of size and pricing. Once you have saved the image, the photo is saved into your account for you to use at any time in the future. Buying stock photos is much easier when using the DP platform.

– Free Content For Bloggers

If you’re a blogger and you’re looking for some new images to use, this stock agency has a way to help you. They are always eager for new opportunities to grow their brand and business. This is why they are offering a zero subscription program for bloggers who will use their images but in return provide Depositphotos review on their blog. Of course, this doesn’t always happen, and they are changing their platform constantly to improve their interface. Check out their current offerings for bloggers.

Buying stock photos is a thousand times easier when you are using this online platform. Other image stock sites are either unreliable or just aren’t worth the money. Sometimes, all you really need is a quality site with good images and an easy to pay for subscription program. DP has millions of clients from over 190+ countries, and they have even more images and videos for you to choose from. Stock photos on this site are clearly laid out and properly sectioned to make it even easier on you when finding photos through the search functions and throughout the categories. Depositphotos is definitely one of the best stock photo sites on the web today.

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The Secret of Saving with this Shutterstock Coupon Code

You have a project to complete, it could be for work and this is your chance to show off your skills and expertise. It could your personal business or hobby and you have the satisfaction of a professional looking piece. It could just be for your own personal enjoyment something to hang on to and pass on to future generations about your personal history. To make that project really look professional stock photos, videos, or vector graphics, and music take something that looks like your kindergartener made it to something influential and elegant. I have tried taking my own photos in the past for projects or hiring a photographer and I never was able to obtain exactly what I wanted. I always wondered how whatever company presentation I was watching had the rights to use my favorite songs in their video presentations. Or how they created that graphic illustrating the key points. adds style to your project and with you can save up to 10% with the right Shutterstock coupon code.

What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock Logo

Is a licensing agent that provides the largest collection to photos, video clips, graphics, and background music to complete your project. They provide two types of licensing. One, is for if the project is within your country and within a limited audience and time period. The second is for international use and unlimited access. This digital media can be used on power point presentations, videos, brochures and marketing flyers, websites, and CD’s.

The company is basically the middle man between you and the artist. They have already received the copyrighted license and by purchasing a subscription you are allowed to use the material through their license royalty-free. Certainly you have to give credit to the artist and to shutterstock for providing the material.

Pricing for this service is competitive within the market but if you are like me I never pay retail value on anything. I always look for discounts, sales, coupons, and promotion codes to save money. Why would anyone pay for anything without typing a search for Shutterstock coupon codes? Shutterstock free is a part of the site that gives free images to tryout in your project without purchasing a licensing agreement. To find the Shutterstock coupon codes for your project just type in any of the following key words and you could receive anywhere from 10-30% off and the promotion codes are always changing to stay competitive.

How to find the best Shutterstock Coupon Codes?

Shutterstock Coupon Code

When searching for discounts simply type in your favorite search engine:

  • Shutterstock Coupon Code
  • Shutterstock Coupon
  • Shutterstock Promo Codes
  • Shutterstock Promotion
  • Shutterstock Free

Find out more information by visiting to save money with lots of valuable coupons. Shutterstock coupon codes are easy to find on this site. They list the current Shutterstock promotion and let you know of Shutterstock promo codes that could be expiring soon. You can also gain tips on how to incorporate Shutterstock products into your projects.

Save Money with this Shutterstock Coupon Code

Shutterstock coupon code could apply to your entire order or you can find a shutterstock coupon for your specific item. This site not only provides a link between you and the artist but groups and organizes the digital media and music into easily searchable categories. Themes and genres are grouped and given examples to inspire new ideas for your ongoing projects. Included in the service is a professional and friendly support staff to answer any questions or concerns. Save money by taking the extra twenty seconds to search for shutterstock coupons. Use the Shutterstock free images and shutterstock promo codes on your next presentation and do not pay full retail price. This company provides professional content to enhance and visually display your ideas and message. Besides the competitive pricing promotion codes are always available on your entire order from images, graphics, videos, and music. Check out for ideas, solutions, and royalty-free digital products that can be used in presentations, websites, marketing brochures and flyers, signs, labeling products, and merchandise. Licensing agreements are categorized to your needs and timeframes.

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Cheap Stock Photos for Commercial Use

Images are a vital part of how people communicate. Whether it is newsletters, website advertisements, brochures, posters, flyers, magazines or anything else, they are an essential tool. The reality is that most of the images that people use are not created for a specific promotion, concept or product.

The images that these companies use are stock photos. These are ready-made images that are licensable for use in promotional materials and advertising. The ability to search for a specific cheap image saves money and time. At the end of the day, this is what a business wants. I got several of this stock agencies from this cheap stock photos list at

Check out my list of Cheap Stock Agencies

Stock photos are a great way for any business to promote their products and services. However, many people do not know where to find them. There are a number of websites that cater to this need.


One of the cheapest stock photo agencies out there is iStockphoto. It offers excellent quality and affordable stock photos. It also has a responsive helpdesk along with a comprehensive FAQ.

They only offer a single free image every week. However, it is often of high quality. Aside from that, free images from the last three weeks are made available for download. Similar to Fotolia, people have to make it a habit to download and tag these photos themselves. This website is aimed at web developers, web designers, print designers and illustrators.


Fotolia is one of the oldest cheap stock photos sites on the net. Their free section is very good but changes on a daily basis. The free photos that were there yesterday may not be there the next. This cheapest stock agency has an office in France while their global headquarters is located in New York City.

They offer ten to twenty cheap stock photos every day. If a person has time to download and tag them regularly, they can build quite a library of affordable stock photos. Their cheap stock images are often a bit lower quality than those that people have to pay for. What makes this one of the best places to shop for a cheap image for commercial use is that they have illustrations and pictures for many digital media professions.


Shutterstock is one of the cheapest stock agency in the world. They add thousands of affordable stock photos and illustrations to their collection of royalty-free, premium images every day. What people like about this stock photo agency is that they can choose a wide range of subscriptions to meet their needs.

The company’s On Demand Subscription offers the greatest flexibility. They can also choose the 25-a-day subscription to obtain the best savings. There are a number of other plans available to suit individual needs.

EveryStock Photo

It was only a matter of time before a company found a way to aggregate free stock photo results and monetize the concept. That is what EveryStock Photo does. There are large numbers of pictures for commercial use indexed on the site.

Aside from that, people can search for cheap stock images from Photoexpresss, Freerange Stock, Morguefile and more on a single site. They also have filtering and sorting options to help people find the perfect photo. However, they do not have many search options.


A reasonable sized collection of cheap stock images for commercial use is available at StockVault. They have just over 17,000 stock photos from 5,000 photographers. However, all images are licensed under Creative Commons.

Keyword tagging is very basic. Because of this, it is important for people to look at both the categories and the search option. The resolution found on this site is what the majority of stock photo sites would call medium to small.

People can download clip art, textures, logo templates and pictures without signing up on the site. Stockvault also has a friendlier user interface than the majority of stock photo sites on the Internet.

Since 1998, has been amassing cheap image collections with contributors from different parts of the world. A lot of people use this as a photoblog site, so people might find a lot of Flickr-style personal shots. Search is very simple, but users have the option to browse categories in order to find a picture.

Keyword tagging is also very basic on the site. In a lot of cases, an image has only a single tag. Unless a person’s search is quite literal, they are better off browsing’s categories. All of their photos also have a share alike license from Creative Commons.


Depositphotos is the fastest rising stock image site in the industry. It has more than 3.5 million royalty-free stock photos along with vector images. People can utilize easy-search queries through Pay-By-Credits utilizing the Pay-As-You-Go alternative that allows them to choose any vector photo or image at a reasonable price.

Aside from that, they have a new image search engine that enables people to automatically display inquiries that are most popular on the site based on keyword input. This makes searching for images easier and faster. They also have the referrer search query feature as well. This enables searched keywords from Yahoo or Google to be automatically saved and passed to the search engine.


Dreamstime is one of the largest stock photo agencies around. They offer users eight million images, and more than 500,000 new images are uploaded each month. They have an excellent image library that continues to grow at a rapid rate. Users can search for images through the file ID, keyword or image type.

Stock photos are split into different categories. They also offer free weekly images along with a free image gallery. Their subscription and credit template is one of the easiest to use in the industry as they clearly outline what options are present, enable multiple currencies and are very transparent in their pricing per credit.


At 123RF, photos and images can be purchased on either a subscription or single basis. The minimum price of any small-scale photograph or image is one credit. If a person needs a larger version, they can buy it for two to ten credits.

Similar to other stock photo companies, it also features vector images in bitmap format. This stock photo company has one of the lowest credit prices for single transactions. Aside from that, their credit-based service allows people to buy just a single image at a time.


PhotoSpin is another stock image agency that creative professionals developed and continued to manage. Their annual subscriptions along with their buying models are very attractive for people who utilize a large amount of pictures. Aside from that, they have created several subscription options that are determined by the size of the pictures so designers and bloggers can benefit from their collection.

They also have over 1.3 million images on their site. Additionally, over 50,000 new illustrations and pictures are added every month. Their pictures are searchable through keywords, file type, collections, categories, orientation and artists. PhotoSpin’s FAW is easy and simple to use as well.

Conclusion about affordable Stock Photos

Stock photography is great for commercial purposes. Companies can find the right image that could have a huge impact on how they promote or sell their products. It is also cheap and easy to use, and they do not have to find photographers to get the exact image that they need. With these stock photo companies, businesses can save money and time and can find, use and search international stock pictures without incurring significant costs.

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